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Brandability Client Terms and Conditions 

Credit Terms 

Brandability will extend credit to clients if they meet our threshold criteria for granting credit. The base maximum credit is $8,000. The maximum credit can be expanded with the approval of our credit manager and/or CFO. Payment terms are Prepayment in full, Payable on Receipt, Payable on Receipt with half down, and Net 30 Days. Net 30 Day terms are extended only to those clients with an approved credit application on file. If an approved credit application is not on file, the terms are automatically set to Prepayment in full, Payable on Receipt and/or Payable on Receipt with half down. 

The client credit application must be completed in full for consideration of approval for credit terms. This includes the personal guaranteed portion of the credit application. 

The Brandability Accounting Department will periodically review the payment history of existing clients to determine whether their existing credit levels are reasonable or need to be revised. The review will also be conducted whenever business conditions warrant a general retraction or expansion of credit levels.  

Credit on Accounts 

All client credit on accounts will expire after a six (6) month period. If an overpayment is received, Brandability will apply the overpayment as a credit on account and notify the client. At the time of notification, the client can request a refund be made or request the credit on account remain. If the credit on account remains on file, it will be voided after a six (6) month period. 

Payment Options 

Brandability accepts ACH/Direct Deposits, Checks, and Credit Cards as forms of payment. Checks are received and processed at our corporate office located at 10501 Indiana Ave., Lubbock, TX, 79423. ACH/Direct Deposits are an easy payment option. To learn more about this option, please reach out to our accounting department at Brandability accepts all major credit cards. Please see our credit card policy below. 

Credit Card Payments 

Brandability accepts all major credit cards. Payment by credit card can be easily processed by the card holder. Brandability provides a secure online link which enables the client to safely pay open invoices online. To make an online payment, please visit and click on the Pay Invoice tab at the top right side of the landing page. All credit card payments will incur a 3% processing fee. 

Collection Policy 

All invoices are expected to be paid in full in accordance with the client credit terms set by Brandability. If Brandability’s credit criteria have been met and 30-day net terms have been extended to the client, payment is expected no later than 30 days after the date of the invoice. If payment has not been made within 30 days, a statement of account noting the past due invoice(s) will be sent to the client. Payment is expected within 5 days of receipt of a statement of account. Collection attempts will continue until payment in full is received or the past due invoice(s) reaches 90 days. Past due invoice(s) that reach 90 days will be sent to a collection agency. 


All orders completed by Brandability are custom orders.  Due to the customization of each order, returns are only allowed on a limited basis. If an order was not received correctly, please notify your sales representative within five business days of receipt of your order. Custom orders that have been approved by the client prior to ordering and received by the client as approved do not meet criteria for return. 

Customer Supplied Goods  

Customer supplied goods are designated as any product being submitted for decoration which was not purchased through Brandability. These orders will be accepted on a limited basis. A customer supplied goods form must be signed by the client before any orders containing customer supplied goods are accepted.  Brandability will not be responsible for the replacement of client’s customer supplied goods for any reason.